First real post in a long time..

I told myself that as soon as I get a camera I would start blogging again and here I am putting words into this tiny box. What’s new with me? Well….

Baby shadow is now a mama shadow and had 5 beautiful puppies!

2 hours after these puppies were born I took a trip to Las Vegas with Dara and met the LOW BALLERS. They showed me the side of Vegas that didn’t include going to the club and the strip. It was awesome and I’m going back JAN. 21st, 2011.

December was a month full of car meets, shopping and rain. David, Jimmy and I decided to go to the Wrong Fitment Crew meet in Santa Monica instead of Auto Con which I regret not going to afterwards. The WFC meet was definitely fun though, I got to meet Nimo, Neel, Shavi, Brendan, Julian and the other WFC guys. It was a great turn out and tons of fun.

For my Christmas present, Jennifer got me a ticket to go see Michael Buble perform at the Honda Center. So, happy to have her as my girlfriend! Too bad I was super tired from a whole day of bromancing with WFC.

and then finally my camera.. *angelic music plays*

Been messing around with and learning photoshop so hopefully I get better. Here are some practice stuff I’ve been doing.

Still working out the kinks.. Hopefully, I’ll start blogging more and you can see the progress in my photography.


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