Fixed Rolling

Practiced some rolling shots of my little brother’s friends. Two of them are my friend Brandon Richard’s younger brothers. It was fun making them go up and down the street at insane speeds dodging cars and pedestrians. These kids are hella ngu asses, they play “tag and hit” in the parking lot of Boiling Crab (crazy Asian driver central). Tag and hit is playing tag on your bikes while avoiding getting hit by a car.  On Saturdays, they wake up super early around the time I get home from a party and they go far ass places like Seaside, Seal Beach, South Coast Plaza, Huntington Beach and etc. They’re planning to ride to LA soon and participate in some Organ Donars. Organ Donars are bike meets where they ride around running the city and streets. They call it organ donars because someone usually gets hit by a car. Ngu Ass approved..

The rolling shots..

The rides..


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