Parking Lot Spottings 1

Spotted this gem at the very end of Adam’s parking lot. He most likely parked there because 1. there was no other closer parking 2. he only has half an inch clearance all around and 3. he wanted to park right across a fellow tuner. I just had to take pictures of his or her car( most likely a guy), because this is what it means to be a ngu ass. Driving a car that is so low people think your out of your mind.  This car may not be the cleanest car you’ve ever seen, but all those dents, scratches, missing bumper and zip ties give this car character. There’s a story behind every little imperfection and I just love how low it is! I guess I’m just not low enough. The license plate is also funny..

I wonder how he deals with speed bumps.. probaby like this…


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3 Responses to Parking Lot Spottings 1

  1. Thomas Van says:

    His name is nieko (white guy). cool guy.
    can really drift the fuck out of his car.
    He is actual in our area.

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