All Time Favorites

This is the car that made me start modding my IS300.

This is Chado’s JDM IS300, from the rare Modellista Kit to the TRD brake kit. Everything about this car is JDM!

miss is300’s beauty was the one who really made me want to go with a flush wheel set up and get a carbon fiber hood. She takes care of this car so well!

I was so close to getting this kit, but in the end didn’t want to go with the hassle. This car belongs to altezza_maniac(Mike) it has a very rare Gialla Kit, i believe it’s the only one in the U.S. as of now.

One of my favorite white IS300’s and it’s pulling off the halos really well. One of the first pictures I saved on my computer.

This is Guerllimo’s whip, this was my favorite setup of his car and I loved the sticker-ed lip.

This car, I have nothing to say. You’re just so super cool.

The reason why I spent so much money on the Vertex Kit.

and of course the most hated man on the forums. Ill Roller.

Hopefully, one day someone views my car the way I look at these cars. In awe and amazement.


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  1. About YOU says:

    I envy you and I hate you . . .

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