low side

When I look at those guys on the forums with hella flush fitment and they are like an inch from the ground. I wonder how the hell do they get around.

With rides like this as a daily driver…

It will eventually turn into this…

The only probable way of having rides like these are..

  • You have air bags or hydraulics.
  • You live in a nice city with smooth roads.
  • You don’t drive it.
  • You only look slammed at car meets and raise it when your driving around.
  • You make a crap  load of money.
  • You shit out cars.
  • You  are Japanese.

Well, if you are none of those above than I applaud you for living this crazy lifestyle. This is for the people that take more than 2 minutes to get up a drive way, this is for the people who drive the shit out of their cars, this is for the people who live on the low side.

and for kicks..


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