I was lurking on the Canadian sub forum of My.IS and I found this thread on Canadian Ricers with tons of pics.

No more worrying about drilling holes into your bumper for your license place!

Lasers are key to win a street race!

The 10 wings and 6 exhaust helps control the amazing power of this xb’s engine.

There’s really only one real wing in this picture the other ones are wood painted.

This is a Honda with a Mercedes/BMW swap.  SO GDM!

This would be the perfect rims for my friend Raymond Buenviaje.

This car wanted the eyes of the ALTEZZA.

Yeah………I don’t think the owner knows what he was going for either.

The epitome of VIP.

Guess how many cars are combined to make this?

This use to be a civic.. I think..

ahhh.. my heart breaks for these cars..

These I have no comments for…



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One Response to Amazing..

  1. Son says:

    the xb i saw that in person and apparently he did it for art and stuff

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